“So helpful. The practice and live critique was very informative. Every clinician should take this class!"

Charlie Young

Sabre, GE

"Teri has become one of my most important and valued partners and collaborators, across a very diverse and growing array of companies.  Each time I hit the ground at a new Fortune 100 company, Goudie Media always gets the call.  Why? They are the very best in the world of strategic communication."

Katherine Stueland


"Having worked with Teri consistently for nearly two decades, not a training or strategy session goes by without learning something new. She has shaped some of the most important healthcare stories, from the first cancer immunotherapy to the dawn of genetics to inform mainstream medicine. Teri is brilliant at bringing out the best in every type of speaker, leaving the speaker and the audience confident."

Steve Bonner

Harvard Business School, Former CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

"Teri was highly influential in preparing me as a multi-billion dollar healthcare company CEO. She helped me create results in satellite media tours, conference speaking events and internal corporate communications. My hospital system treated cancer patients and Teri was very adept at understanding and translating the complexity.  She is tenacious in the way she helps clients cut through the clutter and focus on the most important points."

Becca Hary


"Teri is a seasoned media expert who brings her expertise, common sense approach and insights into tackling all types of communication issues...Teri has a thoughtful approach to making spokespeople feel comfortable during a training session and uses a unique method to ensure headline messages resonate with the intended audience...and leaves you with practical tips that can be applied in the future."

Eric Fors

Southeast United Dairy Industry Association Inc. (SUDIA)

"Teri and Caylen provide coaching for the members of our consumer confidence team, including dairy farmers and Ag researchers - people who do not spend a lot of time in front of cameras or microphones. The sessions are energetic and thought-provoking and Teri and Caylen engage everyone in attendance, challenging them and providing instant, constructive feedback. Nearly all of our stakeholders say they are the best they have ever worked with. Teri knows her stuff and has perfected a simple, effective plan to communicate and own your story."

Maggie Callaway

Yale University, University of Phoenix Dean

"In one day of intense media training, Teri Goudie and Caylen Bufalino gave me the insight and tools to--believe it or not-- look forward to media interactions. Their profound understanding of how media works gives you practical approaches to formal presentations, ‘off-the-cuff’ interviews, and  ‘elevator pitches’. I’ve never been able to communicate what is important so quickly nor with such memorable impact."

Captain Billy Nolan

Airlines for America

"Teri is one of the very best at helping others execute on their communication strategy. Over the years, I've engaged with quite a few communication coaches, but none better than Teri. If you occupy a crucial role within your organization, and want to improve your communication skills with respect to yourself, your company and your industry, Teri is a great resource."

Captain Denny Flanagan

United Airlines

"Teri’s efforts and strategy gave me stage awareness and important insights into public speaking. She 

was also instrumental when I found myself the focus of a front page Wall Street Journal article and national television interviews on my approach to customer service in the sky."

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