Every time you speak, you face an army of “citizen reporters." Suddenly, what is said in the hallway can be instantly put online by a listener. It all matters. The key to personal best is to have a core capability that you can use every day. Goudie has developed an exclusive five step method that turns words into action in two minutes or less. It can be used in presentations, analyst calls, media interviews and social media interaction. 


  • Develop your core story with proof points.


  • Learn how to generate growth during media interviews.


  • Give presentations that inspire your audience.


  • Strengthen your leadership voice and executive presence.


  • Use social media as a way to enhance loyalty and spike momentum.


  • Protect brand reputation during crisis and times of change.


  • Master the art of virtual communication in this world of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 


  • Create and deliver the ultimate one minute elevator pitch.